ALS Wellness Center

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We have formed two non-profit entities that serve to provide tax benefits to a number of our global benefactors. Our U.S. based Foundation for Holistic Well-Being – ALS Wellness Center Inc. is a 501(c)(3) (Pending) registered non-profit U.S. Charity with Overseas Operations in Colombia through the Foundation for Holistic Well-being   – Center for ALS.   The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rulings permit a U.S. charity to conduct all or part of its charitable activities in a foreign country. Thus, even though an individual U.S. taxpayer would not receive a tax deduction for making a donation to our foreign charity, such taxpayer could make a tax-deductible donation to our U.S. charity that conducts charitable activities in Colombia.

Donations being made to the U.S. Foundation will be passed through 100% to the Colombian Foundation with deductions only being made for direct expenses such as legal, accounting, and similar. No compensation is being paid to its administrators, directors, or officers.

Two years ago, the Colombian government reformed the laws that govern non-profit organizations, resulting in the elimination of over 90% of the non-profits which were shown not to be in compliance with the strict new governance. The new laws are requiring strict fiscal oversight and limit the salaries paid to directors and employees. This transformation has elevated the Colombian anti-corruption oversight of non-profits to one of the strictest in the world today.

Patricia & Scott – Founders of Healing ALS –  share their thoughts on the importance and why there’s a need for an ALS Wellness Center today.