ALS Wellness Center

Our Center

The ALS Wellness Center aims to provide relief from the everyday stressors and to give to those suffering from the disease and their selfless family members involved in their care a better outlook by assisting them in a holistic wellness approach. The vision for the ALS Wellness Center is for it to become a community with a resort like feel where pALS and cALS move away from the stress of everyday life of dealing with the disease and get a break from the physical and mental anguish towards a much improved way of dealing with all its challenges.

Samples of 1,615 square foot (150 square meter) prefabricated houses that can be purchased locally, manufactured and fully completed within 30-60 days of down payment. 

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Holistic health takes a comprehensive approach to well-being, understanding the relationship between mental attitude, emotional state, spiritual balance, and the physical body. Our vision brings together both science and the powerful effects of the mind-body connection.

Each person shall receive the utmost of hands-on care, attention and support.







Services are directed towards providing education to improve diet, nutrition, physical therapy, recreation, relaxation, meditation, detoxification, and using next generation techniques to improve the well-being of families and pALS visiting the ALS Wellness Center.

The cost to provide excellent care, nutrition and services for pALS and cALS are unrivalled and very affordable.

Help us make a difference

Tabyta is a tenacious young Brazilian woman who found her calling when her father Pedro was diagnosed with ALS in early 2019. 

Watch Tabyta’s story of her family’s journey with ALS and why an ALS Wellness Center is imperative.

Caregiver Experience

What awaits Caregivers & Family Members at the ALS Wellness Center?

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Antioquia, ColOmbia

The ALS Wellness Center is being born in the beautiful department of Antioquia in Colombia. Antioquia enjoys the best economy and infrastructure in the country, and Colombia has one of the strongest economies in Latin America while enjoying a relatively low cost of living. The climate is a constant year-round temperature of ~55-75° F (13-24° C). 


This phase of our Project is to imminently start providing services to the ALS community by helping pALS and their families come to Colombia.


Consists of the purchase of a much larger piece of land of approximately 20-30 acres and construct permanent structures for the ALS Wellness Center.


Includes growing organic foods for our own consumption and sale of the surplus to the surrounding community at weekly farmers markets.

The ALS Wellness Center is envisioned to be a three-phase project and with your support, we will kickstart the first phase in the first quarter of 2022. Our projected cost of caring for a pALS ranges $1,300-$2,500 per month depending on the pALS level of functionality and need for care. This translates to almost a tenth of the cost of caring for a pALS in the U.S.